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This website is developed by accessible web design principles, there are 5 areas contained in the website:

1.Main menu block on upper side  2.Website navigation bar 3.Sub-menu block on left side   4.Main content area   5.Related information block on bottom side

Access key settings:

  • Alt + 1: Main menu block on upper side, including Home, SiteMap, Chinese Website.
  • Alt + 2: Main content area shows contents of each page.
  • Alt + 3: Website Navigation bar.
  • Alt + 4: Search input box.
  • Alt + 5: Sub-menu block on left side.
  • Alt + 0: Related information block on bottom side.

When the tab of this website cannot be clicked by mouse, you can browse contents by keyboard:
← → or ↑↓: move tag

Home or End: direct to first tag or last tag

Tab: browse further content of the tag. If the tag links to radio, use ← → or ↑↓ to choose item.

Tab + Shift: back to previous content, use ← → or ↑↓ move tag when back to tags.