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International SURF Meeting No. 242020/03/20

International SURF Meeting No. 24 was on 29th January 2020. Representatives: SuRF-ANZ : David Tully (chair); SURF-USA : Roy Thun; SuRF-Taiwan: Bing Nan; SuRF-Japan : Yasuhide Furukawa; NICOLE Latin America/SuRF Brazil : Olivier Maurer; SuRF-Italy : Claudio Albano; SuRF-Canada : Francois Beaudoin; Secretariat : Nicola Harries CL:AIR David Tully (DT)(SuRF-ANZ ) was the chair of the Meeting No. 24, and led the discussions. He confirmed that up until now SuRF ANZ has focused their work on promoting the principles of sustainable remediation, however going forward they need to demonstrate how it works through the development of case studies. SuRF ANZ would like to work with other SuRFs to share their exemplar examples. It was acknowledged that this has been something that all SuRFs have struggled to move forward with to get good quality case studies. DT wondered if a greater focus of the case studies could be promoting best practice in relation to the climate change agenda eg demonstrating reducing your carbon impact whilst remediating soil and groundwater and moving to carbon neutral activities. It was acknowledged that there is no bigger threat than climate change and SuRFs collectively could have a powerful voice to try and provide guidance to leaders in the areas that they can influence such as soil and groundwater remediation. How can we adapt practices to address climate change? How to remediate in a climate change resilient manner? It was agreed to have a brainstorm and come up with ideas and concepts initially on areas that the SuRFs would like to look to address, bearing in mind they need to still be in the context of sustainable remediation/sustainable land management. These would then be shared more widely with the different SuRFs globally and voted on. It was felt that SustRem conference series gives a good vehicle to share progress as there are potentially three SustRem conferences planned up to 2022. SustRem 2020 NH reported that the call for abstracts for SustRem will be open shortly. The venue will be Stellenbosch (Spier Wine farm) and the dates are 28th – 30th October 2020. The venue was chosen as it has strong sustainability credentials. Further details will be provided shortly.


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