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International NewsInternational SURF Meeting No. 242020/3/20
Activity InformationEPA to begin public comment period on cleanup plan for East Troy Contaminated Aquifer Superfund site in Troy, Ohio. Public meeting on June 27 at City Hall2018/7/20
International NewsEPA to Hold Open House at the PMC Groundwater Superfund Site on June 27 in Petoskey, Mich2018/7/20
Activity InformationALGA’s first Regional Queensland Contaminated Land Conference in Townsville2018/7/20
Activity InformationManaging Legacy Landfill Contamination2018/7/20
Activity InformationSurvey - The future of resource recovery in the UK2018/7/20
Activity InformationSuRF Japan will held a One or Two day Meeting or Symposium about Sustainable Remediation with SuRF UK.2018/3/26
Activity Information2018 EcoForum Conference & Exhibition2018/3/26
International NewsALGA’s Annual Industry Excellence Awards(2017)2018/3/26
Activity InformationTechnical Workshop - Innovative methods for solute flux measurement in the subsurface environment, with technology demonstration and practical field training, 7-9 March 2018 Mol, Belgium2018/3/26
International NewsDraft International Standard ISO DIS 21577 & Draft International Standard ISO DIS 209512018/3/26
International NewsSURF Technical Session Overview: Sustainability Considerations in Remediation and Restoration2018/3/26
International NewsALGA Annual Awards for Excellence in Soil & Groundwater Remediation2017/12/18
International NewsNew ISO published on sustainable remediation2017/12/18
Activity InformationBrownfields and Geoscience Workshops 20182017/12/18
Literature SharingUnderstanding Complex LNAPL Sites - Journal Publication2017/12/18
Activity InformationSURF Spring 2018 Meeting – San Diego, California(In partnership with the 28th Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air – March 19-22, 2018)2017/12/18
International NewsSURF 34 Perspectives2017/12/18
Activity InformationIt is expected to hold the SuRF China Conference on October 13-15, 20172017/8/21
International NewsCelebrating 10 years of success!2017/8/21
Activity InformationCL:AIRE Networking Event on 13 September 2017, the event will be held in London’s Mayfair at The Audley from 6pm until 8.30pm2017/8/21
International NewsThe podcast 〝Screening Vapour Intrusion Risks at Underground Storage Tank Sites〝 is now available for everyone.2017/8/21
International NewsDCLG has recently published Planning Practice Guidance to support permission in principle and brownfield registers of land suitable for housing.2017/8/21
Activity InformationSURF 36 – Amherst, Massachusetts/In partnership with the 33rd Annual International Conference on/Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy/October 16-19, 20172017/8/21
Activity InformationSURF 36 –Amherst, Massachusetts, October 16-19, 20172017/5/25
International NewsSURF 34:Sustainable Remediation in a Changing Landscape2017/5/25
International NewsInternational Sustainable Remediation Alliance (ISRA)2017/5/25
International NewsUpdate on ISO on Sustainable Remediation2017/5/25
International NewsInternational SURF Groups and Partners- Status of countries 22017/5/25
International NewsInternational SURF Groups and Partners- Status of countries 12017/5/25
International NewsInformation for SuRF 332017/2/23
Activity InformationSURF 34 – Parsons, Pasadena, California Sustainable Remediation in a Changing Landscape April 5-6, 20172017/2/23

What is GreenRemediation (GSR)?

What is GSR

GSR is the abbreviation of Green and Sustainable Remediation. According to the definition announced by Taiwan EPA, Green and sustainable remediation(GSR) is “Any technique, strategy, or management plan that considers environmental, economic and social aspects, which can reduce environmental footprints, negative social economic impacts throughout the remediation process, from site investigation, remedy design, operation and management to site closure, while still meeting the regulatory requirements.”